EDBTRAVEL is a Jamaica travel blog that focuses on Jamaica attractions, culture, and travels tips for visitors to the island or locals going on staycation or exploration.  

We aim to provide the best content on Jamaica travel and culture. Also, content on other exciting destinations that we explore. 

The person behind the blog

Errol Brown @ edbtravel.com

Errol Brown is the person behind the EDBTRAVEL. I am a Jamaican living on the island and work as a Physical Education teacher in the education system. 

I am passionate about helping people along this journey called life so it can be a little more pleasant, which I have done as a teacher, coach, and fitness instructor. 

I hope to expand my reach globally and improve someone’s travel experience.  

How this website started and how I got into blogging.

During one of my downtime, I was browsing my Google Map location history. I dont know if you are familiar with your history on your mobile. For those who dont know, it is a setting on your android that highlights your movement on google map. For example, it shows where you travel, the routes, stops, and dates. 

What I saw on mine was disturbing.

All movements from the period Google Map history was on were work-related. 

It seemed I was a robot program to do one thing, travel to work and back home. As a result, my travel patterns were repetitive and predictable, with the occasional deviation. That was the monthly trip to visit my grandma in the country. 

Although I enjoyed my job, well, some aspects, I had to do something.

It was depressing thinking my entire life was all about work. 

So I started exploring, nothing major, just a drive to the countryside sightseeing. Sometimes I visited places near home. Most times, I travel alone because my spouse does not enjoy being on the road. I didn’t mind because, at times, I like my own company. You can say I am a loner. 

My appetite for exploration was growing, but my stagnant income, or rather my depreciating stipend, could not support it. 

Working as a teacher though intrinsically rewarding, was a handicap to my desire to explore Jamaica. So I started looking for ways to support my newfound passion.

Luckily a friend introduced me to a business venture where I could work from anywhere and earn.

The universe must have read my thoughts because this business was perfect for what I wanted to do. 

Apart from selling young athletes the idea that they were great when they could barely run, I have never sold anything. Well, that doesn’t count as selling, and I have an eye for spotting talented athletes years before they even knew they could be good at sports. So I only plant ideas and help them grow. 

Selling travel is a different ball game. Although people are always traveling, it takes a great effort to find customers, gain their trust and establish a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Competition from online booking platforms and the perception that travel agents are obsolete make it even more daunting. 

I decided to research marketing ideas to improve my chance of getting some level of success.  

While researching, I discovered that many people were living their dream, traveling, and blogging.

I also discovered that there are few Jamaican travel bloggers. As a result, most information about travel on the island was by foreigners. 

So here I am, taking on the challenge and filling that gap. 

I never thought of what it takes to create a blog till now.

It is challenging. 

Not the fastest learner in the class, but I am getting the hang of it. The possibilities are exciting.

No, I did not quit my job and started traveling and blogging full time, if you are wondering. 

I love teaching and coaching, especially coaching, so I dont intend to stop anytime soon. 

But who knows what the future holds? My travel ambitions extend beyond the borders of Jamaica. So do both may not be an option. 

Join me on this adventure.

Thanks for dropping by. 

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