The Best Guide To Bob Marley Statue In Kingston

Many Jamaicans cannot grasp our cultural icons’ impact on the globe. Especially for the younger generation, seeing the Bob Marley statue in Kingston is of no significance. The history of his music and the foundation set is a mystery.

In 1981 after his death from cancer, the government of Jamaica commissioned the creation of the Bob Marley statue. Christopher Gonzales got the task, but the people rejected his design unveiled in 1983. They thought it was more an interpretation of how the artist saw Bob Marley rather than an accurate representation. The distorted image of Bob Marley Emerging from a tree trunk upset many people. Because it looked like he was wearing a dress, they threw objects at the statue to show their displeasure.

Alvin Marriott, an accomplished Jamaican sculptor who created Herb Mackenly’s statue, got the job of making a new sculpture to portray the legend accurately.
In 1985 at the World Youth Festival Of Arts opening held in Kingston, Prime Minister Edward Seaga unveiled the new statue of Jamaica’s most famous son.

Bob Marley Statue close up
Bob Marley Statue
Bob Marley statue In Kingston
A view of the Bob Marley statue from the back.
Bob Marley Monument In Kingston Jamaica
A different view
Bob Marley Statue at the National Stadium
Bob Marley statue at Independence Park in Jamaica
Bob Marley Monument Independence Park Jamaica
Front View

You can find this statue at Independence Park in Kingston at Arthur Wint Drive and Herb Mckenly drive. Nearby on Statute Drive in front of the National Stadium are monuments of Jamaica’s Track and Field superstars_ Usain Bolt, the most prominent.

Bob Marley’s statue is accessible to the public free of charge. However, it is not frequented by tourists because of its location. The Bob Marley Museum is a more popular spot with tours from the north coast. However, it is easy to get there if you are in Kingston and the area is safe.