Cheap All-Inclusive Resort In Jamaica, The 6 Best

Jamaica is known for its top-notch all-inclusive resorts. Being the pioneer in this accommodation type, it dominates the local hospital space. 

While it is not hard to find a decent resort, the prices are challenging for some people. Therefore cheap all-inclusive resort in Jamaica that offers value for money are always in demand. 

If you are looking for a place to relax on a budget? Here are six inexpensive Jamaican resorts that offer all the comforts of home without breaking the bank.

The data used to make this list came from bookings for clients, our travel partners, and some popular booking sites. 

You can book these resorts for as low as USD 75- 150 per night for each person.

Deja Resort is a cheap all-inclusive resort in Jamaica

The Deja Resort on Gloucester Avenue in Montego Saint James is one of the most affordable resorts. It has a three-star rating; this property is a 1-minute walk from the beach and is on the “Hip Strip,” next to Doctors Cave Beach. 

It features two on-site restaurants and an outdoor pool and hot tub.

A flat-screen TV is in every room and even has a private balcony with a view.

The Waterfall Restaurant and the Deja Bar and Restaurant serve international and local cuisine and are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Aqua Sol Theme Park is just 1 km from the hotel. In addition, Sangster International Airport is less than 5 minute drive away. Ratings – 7.7/10

Trip Advisor Ratings -4/5

Google Hotel Ratings – 3.9/5 Ratings -3.9/5 

Booking costs from $150US to $250US for double occupancy per night. 

Holiday Inn Resort Montego Bay

Another cheap all-inclusive resort in Jamaica is the Holiday Inn Resort & Spa, a popular choice among travelers who want to enjoy a relaxing holiday at an affordable price. This resort has a beach, although it is not one of the best on the island.

 The city center and Mobay Airport are nearby. Guests will find plenty of shopping options and various restaurants and bars.

It’s a favorite for locals because of its price, service, and local food options. However, one of the standouts for many guesses is the island. With a few meters stroll on the shallow beach, you find a welcoming place to relax and enjoy nature. It is perfect for adults who want to get away from the crowd and have some quiet time. 

I like the adult-only pool option and the 

While prices for some rooms on the property I wouldn’t consider cheap, most are affordable on average. Ratings – 7.7/10

Trip Advisor Ratings 4/5

Google Hotel Ratings – 3.9/5 Ratings -3.7/5 

You can book a room for as low as $US150 per night during off-peak season. Prices on the lower end during peak season range from US$190 to US$250

Holiday Inn Resort, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Royal Decameron Club Caribbean

Royal Decameron Club Caribbean is in Runaway Bay, Saint Ann, about an hour from Montego Bay International Airport.

This hotel’s architecture offers incredible paths through the gardens and terraces until you reach the two swimming pools, one exclusively for adults and another with all the facilities for children. This hotel also has a long dock for sunbathing.

The cottage-style rooms bring a tropical environment and let you enjoy the peace of the beach, where you can partake in a large variety of water sports.

Royal Decameron is a favorite for locals because of its affordability and privacy. Another great feature of this resort is the beach which rivals many resorts with higher ratings.

Its restaurants offer many different types of cuisine, ranging from typical Jamaican flavors to the exquisite tastes of Asian food. However, the food might not fit everybody’s taste or stand. Royal Decameron Club Caribbean is a budget resort, so you get what you pay. Ratings – 7.3/10

Trip Advisor Ratings 4/5

Google Hotel Ratings – 3.9/5 Ratings -3.7/5

Prices range from USD$170 for double occupancy per night. 

Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica

Grand Bahia Principe resort in Runaway Bay Saint Ann, Jamaica, is popular because of its affordability. In addition, its beauty, large swimming pools, and massive size make it perfect for people who want social distance. 

During the pandemic’s peak, when most resorts closed their doors, Grand Bahia remained open because of support from local travelers.

Jamaicans flock to this resort mainly because of the price, food, entertainment, and service.

It is located in Runaway Bay, just over an hour from Mobay Airport and two hours from Kingston. Some of Jamaica’s best attractions, such as Dunn’s River Falls and Mystic Mountain, are nearby.  

There are more restaurants to choose from than some of the resorts on this list. 

Bahia Principe Grand is not for you if you like intimacy and the charm of small boutique hotels. Everything is enormous and far away from each other, so they use small carts to transport guests. So getting around is not too tricky, especially if you have a mobility issue. 

Not to confuse Bahia Principe Grand with Bahia Principe Luxury, they are next to each, but Bahia Principe Luxury is the pricer adult-only option. 

Although Bahia Principe Grand is a cheap all-inclusive resort in Jamaica, some rooms are pricey, especially during the winter tourist season. Ratings – 7.4/10

Trip Advisor Ratings 4/5

Google Hotel Ratings – 4.3/5 Ratings -3.6/5

Double occupancy prices start from USD170 each night during the off-peak season. 

Grand Bahia Pool
Bahia Principe Grand, Runaway Bay, Saint Ann, Jamaica

Merril Beach resorts, the cheapest all-inclusive resort in Jamaica

Without mentioning Merril beach resorts, you cannot mention a cheap all-inclusive resort in Jamaica. They have two properties under the Merril Beach Resorts umbrella, Merril 2 and Merril Duplex. One is a three-star resort and the other four stars. 

They are in Negril, Jamaica, along the 7 miles of white sand beach. They are family-owned. It is a surprise that this resort is so cheap despite its serenity, peace, and comfort, with access to a fantastic beach. 

The botanical garden surrounding these beachfront properties makes it perfect for nature lovers. Cool Caribbean sea breeze, waves crashing gently ashore, beautiful sunshine, and birds chirping in the backdrop seem like a movie scene. But it’s not, just another perfect day at Merril Resorts. 

Although not big like other all-inclusive resorts, it is perfect for travelers who want to relax and forget their worries. Although there are few restaurants to choose from, you have several meal options and many restaurants within walking distance. 

Merril Resort offers some of the best rates, as low as US$160 for double occupancy per night during peak season. Ratings – 7.5/10

Trip Advisor Ratings 3.8/5

Google Hotel Ratings – 4.3/5 Ratings -3.8/5

Sea Garden Beach Resort

Sea Garden Beach Resort is a small, family-friendly resort on Kent Drive in Montego. It is just across from Mobay airport, so you will see planes arriving and departing. This small hotel does not have many restaurants like Holiday or Bahia Principe, but they have many food options. Also, unlimited drinks, a private beach, and live nightly entertainment. The rooms and simple and comfortable with the basic stuff found in most all-inclusive resorts. A beautifully laid-out property makes it the perfect home away from home. Ratings – 7.8/10

Trip Advisor Ratings 4/5

Google Hotel Ratings – 4/5 Ratings -3.8/5

Dubble occupancy at Sea Garden Beach Resort starts at as low as USD180 per night. 


It is easy to get great deals at many all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica if you book early and take advantage of their loyalty program or special promotions. However, the cheapest on the island are Deja Resort, Holiday Inn, Bahia Principe Grand, Royal Decameron, Sea Garden Resort, and Merill Resort. 

You will get great rates regardless of when you book. 

 I consistently found double occupancy rooms under USD200 per night, sometimes even lower than USD150. 

Resorts such as Riu Ocho Rios, Rio Negril, Royal Decameron Cornwall Beach, Samsara Resort, and Jewel Paradise Cove offer reasonable rates but not consistently as the six resorts mentioned above.