Decosta Farm And Attraction_The Perfect Hideout

If you are looking for a hideaway spot, Decosta Farm and Attraction is the perfect location.

It is an excellent escape from the city congestion. You can chill, drink, eat, play paintball, ride dune buggies or get wet at the mini waterpark. The two and a half feet swimming pool is perfect for children, you don’t have to worry about your swimming abilities.

The landscape the out-of-commissioned fish pond creates makes an excellent trail for dune buggies.

This is not your cup of tea if you want a five-star treatment. No smiling servants waiting for your arrival, ready to take you on the adventure of your life.

If that’s your expectation, save yourself the disappointment, don’t go.

The most you will get, especially during the pandemic, is security at the main entrance, who will check your temperature, offer hand sanitizer, and a reminder that outside food is not allowed on the property.

This rustic environment is designed for chilled people who love isolation and don’t want to get pampered.

Outdoor eating area at Decosta Farms, Jamaica
Outdoor dining


Parking can be confusing; there are no signs. Park at the front of the property on the right, where there is an open space. If you are not the first person on-site, you will see other vehicles parked there.

Park your vehicle and walk the long way round to the office. That’s where you buy an armband for the day’s activity. It’s about three minute’s walk from the parking lot.

Trust me; the three minutes walk is a breeze. It is suitable for you anyway, so don’t complain.

Section under constuction at Decosta Farms
A new attraction under construction & a view of the parking lot

Where is Decosta Farm Attraction?

I have been asking that question for quite a while. After seeing a video on YouTube a few years back. Until finally, I made the discovery.

It is basically in the middle of nowhere.

Hah! Hah!

Yes! That’s correct.

Decosta Farm is at an Area in Saint Catherine called Hill Run. This is funny because for miles and miles, there are no hills. Only the Hellshire hills are miles away in the backdrop. Wonder if that’s the reason for the name Hill Run, (Hill running away).

This is the flattest area I can remember seeing in Saint Catherine.

It starts from the outskirt of Spanish Town to the Hellshire Hills. Getting there would be a huge undertaking if it weren’t for the signs. Well, for me. My navigational skills are not the best.

Getting to Decosta Farm and Attraction

This property is about ten to fifteen minutes outside the old capital, Spanish Town. 30 minutes away from Portmore and about 45 minutes from Kingston

Google Maps works fine and will take you there. However, if you don’t have access to the internet or your phone is not smart, let me guide you.

From the Old Harbour roundabout, on the Spanish Town bypass, take the first left if you are coming from Kingston. Take the third left if you are traveling from Bag Walk.

A sign on the turnoff’s right shows the direction to Decosta Farm.

It is hard to miss.

If you are traveling from Kingston via Highway 2000, take the Spanish Town Exit, then the first right turn at the roundabout. There is also a sign there to guide you.

Traveling from Old Harbor or Clarendon on Highway 2000 exit at Spanish Town, then the first right turn, which will take on the bridge that crosses over the toll road. From there, follow the signs to Decosta Farm and Attraction.

Main Building at Decosta Farms , Jamaica
A view of the main buildings from the parking lot

Road condition

Large sections of the road need repair, although it is paved. Take it easy on the gas pedal. The lonely straight street is tempting to speed but don’t.

It is traversed by large trucks and tractors regularly. You wouldn’t want to be in an accident in the middle of nowhere.

What to do at Decosta Farm and Attraction

This massive property used to be a fish farm. The ponds are still visible but contain no water or fish. There are other properties nearby that stretch for miles. Most are vacant, while some sections are occupied by farms.

They have a well-stock bar on the property, prices are affordable, and they friendly bartenders. It is an excellent place to chill or hang out with friends.

It’s perfect for a birthday party for children or a staff retreat. The isolation will keep away prying eyes and unwelcome guest. The young ones will enjoy the 2 1/2 feet pool, the mini water slide, and the sprinkles. It is safe for even toddlers: there is also a lifeguard on duty.

Changing facilities and seating can host up to twenty or more people. You have to make a reservation so they can reserve these spaces for you.

You cannot take food on the property,, so you must order from their restaurant.

Decosta Farms mini waterpark pool and fountains
Mini Waterpark
Waterpark and bench at Decosta Farms
Waterpark and benches

Main Attractions

Fishing is an activity listed on their website, but is no longer available.

There is a play area for children with bounce about, zipline, seesaw, slides, and swings. If you have an active child, they will enjoy this. It can accommodate large groups of children four to 12 years old ideal.

Section of the Kids playground at Decosta Farms, Jamaica
Kids playground

Paintball is the most fun activity available at Decosta Farm; some people go just for the shoot-out. It is great for team-building. Paintball is safe.

You get safety gear and a briefing on safe use before entering the field.

It’s also affordable for the average Jamaican.

Paintball field Decosta Farms and Attraction
Paintball field

The Dune Buggie ride is also another exciting feature of Decosta Farm. The landscape created by the fish pond makes it perfect for playing with those toys. Riders or drivers get safety helmets and safe use briefing. Vehicles are easy to operate even a child can manage them.

Buggies at Decosta Farms
Rides at Decosta Farm

Cost and entry to Decosta Farm And Attraction

Entry to the property is free; however you have to pay for the activities. First, you will need to sign a waiver, then decide which activity to do.

It is OK to chill at the bar and have a few drinks. Then, order your meal and wait at one of the many rustic tables on the outskirt.

The paintball costs $3500 per person; there is a discount for groups of ten or more people.

The water park/pool costs $1000 per person; children under four years old enter free.

The dune buggies costs $1500 per person for ten minutes and $900 more if there is a rider.

A package for $6300 per person will give you access to all activities.

They are open from Wednesday to Sunday and on public holidays except for Christmas and New Year. Check their website for more price listings. Prices are in Jamaican dollars.

Is the area safe

I know safety is a concern for most people since it is in close proximity to Spanish Town, an area with a bad reputation. Unfortunately, the property is also in the middle of nowhere.

It is best to travel in groups.

No taxis go to these parts. The closest main road is far away, so I wouldn’t advise anyone to walk.

There is a police post in the area.

If you are a backpacker, this is not an adventure to take on foot. Instead, charter a taxi.

If you are considering how safe Jamaica is, click here.

Here is also a guide to help you use Jamaica’s public transport.

Click here for a guide on how to drive on the island.

Like anywhere on the island, be aware of your surroundings and use good judgment. The area is not known for crimes.


Decosta Farm and Attraction is an excellent hide-away spot in Saint Catherine if you are fussy and complain about everything, it’s not the place for you. It is a rustic environment that caters to chilled and adventurous people.

The waterpark is not a five-star facility; however, it is safe, clean, and child-friendly.

It wasn’t built for adults, but they can enjoy it.

Paintball and dune buggy rides are the most exciting activities for those who go for the adventure. Customer service is ok based on my experience.

Food is available, but it is done to order.

Decosta Farm and Attraction is an excellent property, but it is not for everyone.