Inteletravel & Plannet Marketing _ A Scam? Honest Explanation Based on 3 Years of Experience

Is the Inteletravel business  _ a scam or legitimate?

Questions people are asking who have heard of this company. These are legitimate concerns because many online scams have popped up and disappeared over the years—taking thousands of dollars from unsuspecting persons.
This company is not a scam or pyramid scheme. They would have stopped operating years ago, and the directors would have been sent to prison— pyramid schemes are illegal.

Inteletravel statrted in since 1991.

I will break down and clear up any misunderstanding you might be having about this company.

What is Inteletravel?

Inteletravel is an American base host agency that gives independent travel agents access to resources needed to book and sell travel. In addition, they educate and support their agents with all the tools required to succeed in the industry.
It is the easiest way to start your travel business. Their accreditation, such as IATA, CLIA, and ARC, are available as soon as you join.

Starting a travel business from scratch and getting all the certifications will cost thousands of dollars. So this is perfect for home base agencies or persons just entering the travel industry. It is cheap and easy to set up and use. A personalized booking engine, access to the best suppliers in the travel business, and preferential deals with top hotel brands are at your disposal.
They market Inteletravel through an MLM company called PlanNet Marketing

What is PlanNet Marketing

PlanNet Marketing is a multilevel marketing company based in the USA. They market and sell Inteletravel. Signing up with them allows you to recruit agents for Inteletravel, PlanNet Marketing, or both. You can only access Inteletravel through one of their agents. The company does not market to the public, so you cannot sign up on its website. Instead, you have to find an agent and join their team.
My first introduction to these companies was confusing because I  didn’t know they were separate entities.

How to Join Inteletravel and PlanNet Marketing?

Jointing these companies are simple. First, you need a PlanNet Marketing agent to sign you up on their team. Then you can access the Inteletravel platform to start your own travel business.
You pay a one-time payment of US$19.95 and a monthly payment of $19.95 for PlanNet Marketing. In addition, you get a website and support from your team leader.
To Joint Inteletravel, you pay US$179 upfront and a monthly fee of $39.95. You will get a personalized website with a booking engine and support from the company. Immediately after signing up, you get access to agent education, where you will learn how to manage your business and sell travel to clients.

How do you earn money from PlanNet Marketing?

You earn money from PlanNet Marketing by recruiting people to sign up and build a team. You get a bonus each time someone signs up with you. In addition, your rank increases when you add persons to your network.
There are other incentives for expanding your team; you get a residual monthly income after reaching a set number. The amount of money you earn depends on how many people are on your team. They can also build their teams and expand their network.

How do you earn from Inteletravel?

Inteletravel is a travel agency, so you earn commissions. Each time you make a reservation using your booking engine or a partner, you earn an 8 to 25% commission. They get 20-30%, while you receive 70-80%. For example, if you book a family holiday for $3000 commissionable portion will be about $2700. The payout will be $270 if the supplier pays a 10% commission. Inteletravel would get 30%, which’s about $81, while you pocket $189.

What type of support do you get?

You are not left on your own to figure things out. Your team leader will help you get started. In addition, you can do certification programs in the back office at your own pace—regular webinars on different aspects of the travel business.
Suppliers have training on their products. It makes it easier to market and sell to your clients.
Inteletravel also provides marketing material that you can use to promote your business.
There are WhatsApp and Facebook groups with other agents, so you can get help when in difficulties.
Inteletravel also provides insurance that protects you from booking errors.

Why do some people think Inteletravel is a Scam or Pyramid scheme?

Because of the many shady MLM businesses people have bad experiences with, they lump Inteletravel in the same buddle. But it is not the same.
They are a transparent company with all of the information publicly available.
PlanNet Market is not a pyramid because it sells a tangible product called Inteletravel, a travel business. So members are not dependent on earnings only from recruits. Also, everybody can make money, not only those at the top, and no one has to buy products they don’t need.
Agents focusing only on recruiting and not the travel business tend to be more aggressive. Unfortunately, this rubs people wrong and causes them to think it’s a scam.
An inexperienced seller who tries to build a team before understanding the business might cause people to view them as scammy or unprofessional.
Unfortunately, some people sell this business as a get-rich-quick scheme which is not the case. You have to work hard, just like any other business, to earn. Persons who don’t put in much work leave Inteletravel bitter and disappointed because they didn’t make any money. They often have bad things to say.

Who should join this business?

Inteletravel business is for anyone who wants to make money. You can treat it as a hobby or a full-time job.

Persons who travel or are already in the travel industry are advantaged. Also, travel bloggers and vloggers review and make travel recommendations. As a result, you can book your travel and earn a commission or plan for trips to destinations you recommend.

This business is perfect for travel enthusiasts. You would be doing something that you love while being paid.

This business is not for you if you want quick and easy money. It takes effort to earn.

How much money Can you earn from booking travel?

Your earning potential is limitless. You can earn zero dollars or six-figure and seven-figures. It’s a travel agency, depending on how many clients you book. Nothing is guaranteed, so you will get paid accordingly if you do little or no work.

Can I get my money back if it does work out?

Inteletravel has a money-back guarantee policy click here for the details.

Can you travel for free?

No, you won’t be traveling for free, but you can get courtesy given to travel agents by hotels. Also, get access to promotional rates by resorts or destinations. You will know when great deals are available.

How soon can I start making bookings?

You can start making reservations as soon as you sign up.

How long Before I get paid?

It takes you two months after your client returns from their trip for you to get paid.

What are the advantages of using Inteletravel as a Host agent?

Inteletravel provides a booking engine at no extra cost. The start rate and monthly payments are low. Education and support are excellent—access to many of the leading suppliers.

Close relationships with partners so agents get the best deals.

The 70-80% commission payout is among the best in the industry, and there are no quotas to meet.

They provide liability insurance that protects agents from errors.

Disadvantages of Inteletravel

Two months is a long wait; some competitors pay within a few weeks.

Some agents focus on building a team, so they don’t spend enough time learning about the travel side of the business.

The website and booking engine are not flexible enough, so you cannot track visits to your site or do modifications.

Updating some information takes up to 48 hours and has to get approval from Inteletravel.

If you decide to quit, you will lose all the commission you are waiting to collect.

The business structure means many people get recruited, making it saturated and competitive.

Because it is easy to enter and there are no minimum requirements, some agents don’t educate themself, perform poorly and soil the organization’s reputation.

Are they the cheapest host?

They provide competitive rates and have access to many suppliers. In addition, their preferred partners offer awesome deals.
Here is a link for an Inteletravel agent; check out the rates available or get a personalized package created for you.
If you want to start your travel business, click here.


Over 40,00 members are part of Inteletravel. However, only the top 32% make a livable income. Because some people enter thinking it’s a get-rich-quick scheme, book travel for only their friends and family, or don’t put in the work.
PlanNet Market and Inteletravel are different companies, but they are affiliated. One sells travel, while the other sells the travel business.
Anyone with the proper work ethic can earn from the business. The potential is limitless. It all depends on your skill and the effort you are willing to put in.