Is Negril safe to visit?

Negril is safe, but like most places in the world, you need to be aware.

You can roam unmolested because criminals aren’t targeting tourists. However, it would be best if you practice common sense.

Going into unfamiliar places without a guide is not advice. Flashing valuables in public and looking to purchase drugs or sex can expose you to unsafe situations.

Negril, a little tourist town in Westmoreland, Jamaica, is my favorite spot on the West Coast. The calm and relaxing atmosphere, 7 miles of white sand beach, Ricks Cafe, and bike taxis are among the things I enjoy.

Since the arrival of the lottery scam in quiet rural communities like Westmoreland, it has changed the atmosphere.

Shootings and murders, which were once unheard of, are now common. In addition, gang fighting over ill-gotten gains and lead sheets has strained these peaceful neighborhoods.

Now people are concerned about safety in Negril and other Westmoreland communities.

Things Have Changed In Negril, but the area is still safe.

Negril was a place I felt safe coming from Kingston to enjoy the Jamaica Independents weekend celebration or relax with my spouse.

It was an escape from the grit of the capital. I felt safer there than in Kingston to relax and be carefree.

Now I am a little cautious.

It’s hard to ignore the news coming from this section of the island and stories from friends.

I know that most incidences of crime happen in Grange Hill, Little London, and other troubled neighborhoods away from the resorts, but it is hard to ignore.

Walking with friends along the strip, mostly drunk, coming from Dream Weekend Parties late at night, was something I enjoyed. Going to local clubs and walking back to our hotels without having a second thought. 

In this current climate, I don’t think I would. I would instead take the shuttle or a cab.

Bike taxis were fun to watch, especially during Dream Weekend, with beautiful women clad in bikinis as passengers.

But now, I look over my shoulders whenever I hear them, not to admire their pillions but out of caution.

Maybe I am being paranoid. But living in Kington for so many years makes you aware; you take nothing for granted.

Are Hotels in Negril Safe

Hotels in Negril are safe; most have security systems in place. People cannot wander onto the property without a valid reason. Over the years, I have never had an incident of robbery or theft while staying there.

However, there have been reports of guests losing stuff from their hotel rooms, which can happen anywhere. Use the safe to lock away your passport and valuables you don’t have on your person.

The 7 miles beach is safe to walk. Harassment of tourists by locals trying to sell you weed is not that common. So no one will bother you.

Although the beach is accessible, you cannot walk to places you are not staying because of security along the strip.

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Negril is safe to visit. There are crimes in surrounding comminutes, but it doesn’t affect the tourist area. However, exercise caution because crime can happen anywhere. With Westmoreland experiencing a spike in crime, it can spill over into the resort town. Gangsters do not target visitors, but you can become a victim if you make yourself vulnerable.

Follow these safety tips, and you will be ok for your stay.

Don’t walk with loads of cash.

Leave valuables in a safe in your hotel room.

Use a trusted tour guide if you want to venture out.

If you are exploring travel with a companion or in groups.

Be aware of your surroundings.

It’s good to be nice, but don’t be too trusting.

Traveling to dark and lonely places at night is not safe.

Do nothing illegal.

Try not to disclose your location to strangers.