5 Best Jamaica Adult Resorts Complete Guide On

Finding the best Jamaican adult resorts can be painstaking because you have many great choices. However, not all are of the same standard. 

Searching through tons of reviews is time-consuming, and not everybody has that luxury. Travel advisers could help, but some might recommend their affiliates or those that pay the highest commission. Therefore you might not get the best that’s available. 

 I will save you time by compiling a list of Jamaica’s best adults-only all-inclusive resorts based on some of the most trusted booking website reviews. 

I used four major travel sites to create this list; the resort’s average ranking on all four platforms determines their placing —these are the sites. 

  1. Tripadvisor.com
  2. Google.com
  3. Expedia.com
  4. Booking.com

What reason for using reviews from these sites to rank Jamaica adult resorts?

These booking sites cover a large percentage of the hospitality industry. Many booking goes through them, so they have an extensive pool of verified reviews. They are trusted companies, and travelers often decide where to stay based on customer reviews from their sites.   


Tripadvisor.com is one of the leaders in hospitality bookings, with over 1.3 million hotel listings and 884 million user reviews and opinions as of 2020. Being the most popular travel site on the internet, they have tons of reviews. Although there has been some controversy with fake reviews, millions still trust this site. Also, the company has taken steps to fix this problem. They removed almost a million fake reviews in 2020.  


Booking.com is one of the world’s top choices for booking accommodations and is widely used by travelers, especially throughout Europe. The site currently has nearly 30 million hospitality listings and facilitates over a million bookings daily.

Google Travel

Google is the biggest search engine on the planet, and GoogleTravel has become one of the most significant booking engines. Such a vast pool of customer reviews gives a good insight into the experience at resorts, not just a narrow perspective from a few guests or travel writers. In addition, the Google system makes it easy for them to verify reviews, eliminating fake users.


Microsoft started Expedia in 2001 as a flight booking service; it has grown into a full-fledged booking site. Although it is younger than Tripadvisor and Booking.com, it has grown in popularity every year; millions of travelers book through Expedia travel groups, and reviews on the site significantly influence their decisions. In addition, customer reviews are verified, so they are difficult to manipulate by shady properties.

 Adult Resorts in Jamaica 

Based on booking site reviews, the list of the best Jamaica adult resorts starts with the resort with the highest combined scores. In addition, only hotels with a minimum average score of 90 percent on all four sites are considered. 

These are the top 5 Jamaica adults-only all-inclusive resorts.

  1. The Caves
  2. Sandals Royal Plantation
  3. Couples Resort
  4. Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall
  5. Sunset At The Palms

The Caves

The Caves, located at West End Negril, offers a unique experience found nowhere else on the island. This 12-room property, although not what we have come to associate with an adults-only all-inclusive resort, is a breath of fresh. Its size allows it to be more intimate and tailor services to suit each guest. 

Guests feel like they are a part of the family; being referred to by name is a positive because many reviews highlight this fact. The Cave’s rustic and unusual setting impresses most customers, but excellent staff service is the most consistent praise in customer reviews. 

Although there is no beach to lounge and soak up the sun, lying by the pool overlooking the beautiful Caribbean sea will do. If you are adventurous and a good swimmer, you can dive from one of my cliffs. 

The iconic seven-mile Negril beach is five minutes away if you must feel Jamaica’s soft white sand beach between your toes. Watch the sunset and enjoy a red stripe beer at the famous Ricks Cafe; it is just a three-minute walk. Unfortunately, there is no sidewalk for pedestrians, be careful.  



Expedia.com – 4.8/5

Google Travel – 4.5/5

Tripadvisor.com – 5/5

Average rating – 95%

Sandals Royal Plantation

Sandals Resort is a big luxury brand in Jamaica; the pioneer in all-inclusive luxury hospitality has six adult-only properties. Although high quality, only one stands out based on the four platforms’ reviews—Sandals Royal Plantation in Ochi Rios Saint Anns. They offer an intimate setting with complete butler service. The beach is calm because it is protected by the cove, so no heavy waves are cashing ashore. 

Guests have access to the Sandals Golf and Country Club and the facilities of the larger property nearby. 

If you are jet lag and tired, the distance from Montego Bay airport to Sandals Royal Plantation might seem far.

The common theme across all Sandals properties is the high quality of service staff offers. Combining the property location and offerings, such as the only champagne and caviar bar, makes Sandals Royal Plantation one of Jamaica’s best adults-only all-inclusive resorts. 



Tripadvisor.com – 4.5/5

Google Travel – 4.6/5

Expedia.com – 4.6/5

Average ratings – 92% 

Couples Resorts

Couples Resort is another iconic in Jamaica’s hospitality sector. Like Sandals, they have serval adult all-inclusive resorts. Couples Tower Isle, Couples San Souci in Ochi Rios, and Couples Negril Couples Swept Away make up the four properties in Jamaica. While Couples Resort has a high rating, it is not for everybody. Mature couples who want to chill in quite an environment enjoying each other company while rejuvenating might find it to their liking. 

A constant in their review is the friendly staff. 

Couples Swept Away might be a problem if you have a mobility issue because the property is enormous, and not everything is in a central location. 


Tripadvisor – 4.5/5

Google Travel-4.6/5




Average rating – 91% 

Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall

Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall is an adult-only all-inclusive resort in Saint James. Adult guests access the twin property Hyatt Zaviar; however, children can only access the family resorts. 

The property is clean and beautiful, and everything is easily accessible. You can have rooms with a swimming pool and a butler, which comes at an extra cost.

 The food gets high ratings, and you have many restaurants to dine in. The professionalism of the staff stands out in most reviews. Guests felt comfortable and at home.

Another consistent compliment is the comfy beds; they were deal breakers for some repeat guests. The beach and pool are also top-notch. 


Google Travel – 4.6 /5

Triadvisor.com -4.5/5 


Expedia.com – 4.6 /5

Average – 90% 

Sunset At The Palms

Sunset At The Palms is another unique Jamaica adults-only all-inclusive resort in Negril. Surrounded by nature, this property is ideal for travelers who love privacy. Its board structures fit perfectly with the beautiful garden on this property.

One main restaurant serves buffet-style meals; however, others cater to your gastronomic need, you might have to make a reservation.  

In some reviews, guests complain that the pool is cold, unlike most luxury resorts in this category. 

Staffs are friendly and helpful, which makes the guest feel comfortable. However, the nature of this hotel is not for everyone; older folks or persons who want to rejuvenate will find it to their liking. 

They designed this eighty-four rooms resort with privacy and seclusion in mind. You can spend eternity without being disturbed by your neighbors. The beach is a two-minute walk from the front; however, you must cross a busy street. There is security to help you cross the street to Bloody Bay Beach.


Google Hotels – 4.6/5


Expedia. com – 4.6/5

Tripadvisor.com – 4.5/5

Average ratings – 90%

Special mention

Iberostar Grand Rose Hall 

Iberostar Grand Rose Hall could have been in the top three best adult-only all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica, but based on the criteria used to create the list, I couldn’t add them because there are no reviews on Google Travel. Despite their other properties showing reviews with ratings of 4.5/5. 

Only The Cave scored higher with a 9.4/10; they have an excellent 9.2/10 on booking.com. Water Ballet and the Micheal Jackson show is a Favorite among guests mentioned in many reviews. Top-notch customer service from their friendly staff is also a standout, like the resorts on this list.


Google Travel – No reviews 


Expedia.com – 4.6/5

Tripadvisor.com – 4.5/5  


The top five adults-only all-inclusive on this list are not my opinion but rather the combined view of thousands of travelers who spend significant time on these properties. 

Not all reviews were positive because no property got 100 percent; however, it outweighed the negatives, thus scoring over 90 percent. Therefore, although a resort might have excellent ratings, it might not fit you based on your expectations.  

Some great resorts did not make it in the top five, even my favorites, but it doesn’t mean they are poor. But travelers think these are better based on their experience.

Before deciding where to spend your hard-earned dollars, research or get help from an experienced travel advisor

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