Jamaica Hurricane Season: All You Need to Know

Jamaica is a beautiful country that boasts stunning beaches, clear blue waters, and friendly locals. However, it is also in an area that makes it prone to hurricanes.
These natural disasters disrupt life and significantly impact the tourism sector. In this blog post, I will answer people’s most common questions about Jamaica’s hurricane season.
I will tell you when the season starts, what to expect, how to prepare, and what to do if you are in Jamaica when a storm hits.

When is Jamaica’s hurricane season?

Jamaica’s hurricane season usually starts in June and ends in November, with August, September, and October being the most active. Jamaica recorded about 27 storms in those three months from 1900 to 2021.

While hurricanes are more likely to happen in the peak season, they can affect the island anytime during the season. Therefore you should prepare. 

How to prepare when traveling during Jamaica hurricane season

There are a few things that you can do to prepare for the hurricane season:

  1. Get travel insurance that covers you for cancellations due to bad weather. Also, make sure your policy covers emergency and medical evacuation. Infrastructure damage might limit access to Healthcare and transportation. Leaving the country on a regular flight is an impossibility.
  2. Stay updated with the Jamaican government’s latest weather forecasts and warnings—the ODPEM (Office Of Disaster Preparedness And Emergency Management) and the Met Office regularly provides up-to-date information. 
  3. Pack a few essentials like food, water, and first aid supplies if you need to ride out a storm in your hotel room or apartment.

Things to be aware of when traveling during the hurricane season

If you are visiting Jamaica during the hurricane season, there are a few things that you need to be aware of:

  1. Hotels and flights tend to get booked well in advance because Jamaica is a popular tourist destination. Therefore, book your accommodation and travel as early as possible if you plan to travel during the hurricane season. Resort prices are lower during the storm season; you might get great deals.
  2. Jamaica is a relatively small island, so if a hurricane hits, it can cause widespread damage and disruption. Depending on the storm’s severity, the road network might be out for days or weeks. Therefore getting to the airport to leave the country might be a problem. 
  3. The Jamaican government usually orders evacuations of flood-prone areas If a hurricane is heading toward Jamaica.

What to do if you are in Jamaica during a storm

If you are in Jamaica when a storm is coming, follow the instructions of the Jamaican government and your hotel or apartment staff.

 Although most modern buildings in Jamaica can withstand a category five hurricane, you might need to evacuate during the storm. Because most hotels on the north coast are near the sea, storm surges can damage some properties and force guess to seek shelter. 

When the eye of the hurricane is passing, it is usually calm. Resist the temptation to go outside and look at damaged properties or flooded roadways. You can get injured or killed by objects flying in a sudden wind gust.

Dont attempt to cross flood roadways, whether you are driving or walking.

Jamaica has many rivers near its road that tends to overflow during hurricanes. Flood water can easily wash you away, even in a vehicle.

Criminals used the cover of storms to loot and rob business places, especially in the commercial areas. If you witness such activity, stay out of their way. Most times, they are only interested in items from the stores dont try to stop them or create a scene.


Jamaica’s hurricane season can be a worrying time for tourists. However, if you are prepared and stay up to date with the latest weather information, you should enjoy your trip without any problems. Jamaica is a beautiful country that is well worth visiting, even during the hurricane season. Just remember to take extra precautions and be aware of the potential risks.