Is Port Royal, Jamaica, an overlooked gem?

Port Royal is one of my favorite places in Jamaica. I was always intrigued by the stories I learned in school about Henry Morgan, pirates, and the great earthquake that destroyed it. One of the most exciting things for us as children was to go to the Giddy House. Been there several times but never felt anything. Lol

Every time I visit Port Royal, it pains me to see Port Royal’s underdevelopment. A place with such a famous history should be buzzing with attractivity. Tourists should be flocking, but that’s not the case. Besides Glorias Restaurant (my favorite seafood spot), Morgan’s Harbor Hotel, and Fort Charles, there is not much to attract visitors.

I thought Port Royal would finally get the attention it deserved after they upgraded the cruise ship port and refurbished Morgan’s Harbour hotel. But, unfortunately, the pandemic came, and everything seemed to stop or is moving at a snail’s pace. So I dont know if plans are still to turn it into a world-class attraction.

I hope they include the entire community in their plans, not just selected areas like Forth Charles and the cruise ship port. The beach especially has enormous untapped potential. Imagine if they add a few shops, restaurants, bars, and changerooms to this long stretch of dark sand beach. It would be the most popular beach on that side of the island.

Walking the beach and watching ships enter Kingston Harbour is something I have always enjoyed. But, unfortunately, garbage littering the sand and overgrown bush ruin what could be a magical experience.

I am waiting for them to clean the beach and add lifeguards so people can feel comfortable swimming.

While I like the charming historic buildings, the town needs a facelift to be more aesthetically appealing. Also, upgrading the century-old housing stock would be a blessing to residents who lack the financial means to do it themselves.

They dont have to add much to attract visitors. Port Royal is already an International brand. So simply cleaning the beach and other areas would be enough. Adding changing facilities would also motivate people to visit.

An influx of tourists would do wonders for residents who need a source of income because there is not much opportunity in the community. However, a significant effort is required to include them in the town’s development plan.

If you are on that side of the world, I recommend paying a visit.
The food at Gloria’s Restaurant is affordable, and the Kingston Harbour view at night is fantastic. I would also recommend touring Fort Charles.

When last have you been to Port Royal?

Did you like the experience?

Do you think Port Royal in Jamaica is a wasted Potential?

What can the government do to improve the place?

Please share your thoughts.

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