Why I decide to explore Jamaica and start a blog

Despite so many distractions, I am exploring my world and enjoying life’s beauty.

Sometimes we get caught up in the traps of modern society, which prevents us from seeing that we live in a beautiful world and it is great to be alive.

Looking at everything that had to work perfectly for us to exist in this reality makes your head want to explode. So many things could have gone wrong, yet they didn’t. We are still here.

man sitting on a beach

Our creator is like a master chef preparing the perfect dish.

Hmmm! Let me look at some ingredients the great chef had to put together to produce a unique dish. So amazing nobody can copy or reproduce it.

First, he had to picture what he wanted, then source the right ingredients. Next, he had to ensure that the ingredients were harvested at the right time. Finally, he had to find the perfect location with components in hand. Having a great idea, all the elements, and the ideal location, one thing was missing. The perfect timing is when all the ingredients must be together at the right moment.

The perfect creation

A few shakes, some stirs, and a few flips. Wala! The perfect creation!

He marveled at his creation.

His customers are in awe of his masterpiece. However, they are dumbstruck when they are told it is a gift.

A gift!?

Are you serious?

 What is the catch?

No Catch. Just give it love and share it with the world.

Amazed by perfection

Look at the perfect creation.

 I am here tying on these keys.

There, reading these words, wondering what the #$%& is he talking about?

Yes, I am that perfect creation created by the master chef.

You are that perfect dish the master chef put together.

Your parents coming together are the perfect ingredients.

Regardless of what is happening in our lives, we should feel special. But unfortunately, not everyone made it this far. Unfortunately, everybody did not have a chance to have this experience.

Making it this far is a miracle, and we should be thankful.

After the birth of my first child, I had a deep introspection on my existence. Looking at how fragile he was and the difficulties his mom faced before and during birth. He got the nurturing, attention, and care before he could help himself. The time it will take for him to survive on his own. For how long his survival will depend on his parents or others.

I realized that it was a miracle we survived and even made it this far. So many things could have gone wrong, but they didn’t.

We came out racing from the get-go. I realized I had to run against millions of sperms to get here.

 I could have lost. I will always give gratitude to my brothers and sister, who sacrifice themselves so that the best of us can make it. To show how much I appreciate their sacrifice, I will live my best life and help others to do the same.

A little about me.

 I have been teaching Physical Education for over a decade. I teach children how to play (Run up and down). So yeah, I know some of you hated physical education classes. For some, it was the one day of the week they looked forward to. But most children love to play and have fun; that is what P. E is mostly about.

I work with children from six to eighteen years, which I enjoy. Modern children are challenging to work with sometimes, but it is heart-warming to see them grow and progress over a short period.

Working in a system under staff, I have to perform many duties, including preparing students for many sporting events. Therefore, I coached Track And Field, Football (soccer), Netball (Similar to basketball without dribbling and contacting), cricket, volleyball, and basketball. Did I mention that I am also the school’s fitness instructor?

It seems like a lot, right? It may seem overwhelming, but not if you enjoy your job. So let me tell you a secret. If I didn’t need money for living expenses, I would volunteer.

This is why I started blogging

Writing a blog was never something I had imagined in my future. Putting a part of me out there for the entire world to dissect is something that I dread. But here I am at the start of a journey, not knowing where it will take me.

Yes, I had asked myself that question too. Why a travel blog and not fitness or sports?

While sports and fitness are dear to me, I am passionate about traveling and exploring.

I have explored many parts of Jamaica. Made road trips, driving through the mountains, along the coast, and visiting many attractions. This I enjoyed, especially with friends or my significant other. But those experiences didn’t inspire me to be here.

A good friend introduced me to a business opportunity. I didn’t consider it because I thought it was a scam. If you knew anything about Jamaicans, you would have known we are good at almost everything that we do. Unfortunately, that includes scamming. Therefore, I was skeptical. However, knowing my friend’s integrity, I knew he wouldn’t get involved in anything shady, so I researched.

Exploration & Discovery

It was a legitimate business opportunity that would allow me to travel while helping people. Since I am Jamaican, my country was the perfect place to start.

After doing the training and familiarization with the product, I did extensive research on the destination Jamaica. Despite living here all my life, I discovered I knew little about my country. Also, it was shocking to discover that so many attractions are here.

My discovery inspired me to explore the island.

I regret not starting my journey sooner.

Not only is Jamaica beautiful and exciting, but also many other Caribbean islands. I felt a sense of deep regret for not starting earlier. This planet is such a beautiful place it would be a tragedy to live and never take the time to explore. So busy working, working, and hoping that a day will come when you retire and have time and money to travel.

When will that be?

There are so many things I want to experience but so little time. The older you get, the more you realize life is short. Time wasted living an unfulfilling life will never return. Paradise is here for our enjoyment. It saddens me to see how much time we have wasted doing everything else except enjoying paradise.

I am glad that I have this opportunity to explore my world

Grateful for the chance to explore Jamaica

I am grateful for the opportunity to start a business and also explore Jamaica. Maybe I would be in my little world, peeking out now and then. But, sometimes, I wish this passion for travel had come earlier.

I would have had many opportunities to explore my world and inspire others.

The possibilities are endless, like a child going out on his first trip, filled with excitement and intrigue. Hoping that I will capture and share that adventure with the world. Inspiring someone to take that step to explore and enjoying paradise.

My final thoughts

The inspiration that got me to this point where I am exploring my world and enjoying life came at the right time.

Distraction by life challenges prevented me from seeing that life is beautiful and that we live in a beautiful world. We are in the right place and at the right moment. So special and unique we are, there are no others like us. The best that life has to offer, we are here to enjoy. They created it for our enjoyment.

Slow down, breathe deeply, and start enjoying every breath. Without it, we are nothing.

It took a business opportunity to discover more that I could do and enjoy. There is more to life than just working, paying bills, and complaining about working and paying bills.

I am so excited about the possibilities.

 Join me on this adventure.