Summerset Falls Portland, Jamaica, The Most Tranquil

Summerset Falls is in Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica’s most beautiful parish. Surrounded by a lush tropical forest, it gives a unique experience found nowhere else on the island. While it is not comparable to Jamaica’s best waterfall Dunns River Falls, it is worth the journey. 

The scenic view of Portland’s rich forest and picture-perfect coastline makes you feel like you are in a movie scene shot in a tropical paradise. 

The entrance to Summer set waterfalls
Stone entrance

Where is Summerset Falls?

Summerset Falls is in the parish of Portland, on the eastern side of Jamaica. 

It is in Hope Bay, about 24 miles from Port Antonio, Portland’s capital. 

How far is Summer Falls

Summer set Falls is two hours from Kingston, traveling by the Stoney Hill route. One hour and forty-five minutes from Ocho Rios, three and a half hours from Montego Bay, and five hours from Negril.

Flying from any of those locations will take less than half an hour to get to Ken Jones Aerodome and about 10 minutes to Summer Set Falls. Check out my post on airports in Jamaica to learn more. 

A section of the river

How much does it cost to enter Summerset Falls?

To enter Summerset Falls, it costs Jm$1500 for locals over 13 years old and Jm$750 for those under age. Foreigners over 13 years old pay US$25 and US$15 for children under 13 years. They only accept cash, so no debit or credit payment. 

Best time to go

The best time to go to Summerset Falls depends on what you want to experience. If you want peace and relaxation without the crowd, visit in the week.

They are open seven days per week during the holidays and from Wednesday to Sunday during non-holiday periods. Also, go before midday. Then, you will have less time to wait to tour the hidden falls. 

If you like the crowd and festive vibe, go on a weekend or during a public holiday. However, expect a long waiting time to explore the hidden falls also a crowded pool and waterslide.   

Bar at the falls
The bar

When is summerset Falls open?

During peak season, they are open seven days per week, but during off-peak season, they open from Wednesday to Sunday. Opening hours are from 9 am to 5 pm. Give them a call at 876-913-0046

What to do at summerset Falls

The main thing to do at Summerset Falls is to tour the hidden fall on a boat and go for a swim. Also, swim in the freshwater pool or slide down the waterslide. Then, you can chill, have a meal, drink, and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere. 

Children will enjoy the pool and waterslide; adults will appreciate the waterfalls. 

Children swimming
The pool


You can take your food to Summerset Falls, unlike Puerto Seco, where outside food is not allowed. However, they sell food on the property, such as typical Jamaican foods fried and jerk chicken, rice and peas, fries, and pork. They also have a bar that serves beverages. Prices are affordable. 

My Experience

I had a grand time at Summerset Falls. As soon as we walked onto the property, I knew it was special. The layout of the river stone walkway, the lush green forest, the sound of gushing water, and the calm and relaxed atmosphere felt like walking into a tropical garden. 

The changing room was adequate. However, I think it would be a challenge on a busy weekend.

 Like the sight of rabbits and birds thats on the property, however, I felt uncomfortable with them crammed into tiny cages. 

The freshwater from the mountain supplying the pool and slide looked enticing, but I didn’t spend any time swimming. So instead, I went to explore the waterfalls. 

Summerset waterslide

The trip to the fall

 Climbing the long steps to the hidden falls can play a number on your knees if you are not fit. It took us about five minutes to get to the dock. Then, we got our lifevest and some final instruction from the tour guide, and we were on our way in a small paddle boat. 

One of our expert tour guides carefully navigated the channel between the enormous rocks while the other kept us informed. 

Although it seemed shallow, the crystal clear water is 32 feet deep in some sections, but you could not tell by looking. 

The water looked inviting, but I was not confident in my swimming abilities. Furthermore, a teenager drowned there recently, so I didn’t go for a splash. 

I felt like we were exploring and looking for lost treasure in a movie scene.

The boat moves slowly, bouncing off rocks as the guide, who looks like you could fit in a pirate movie, skillfully maneuvers. All gave a dramatic effect as we sat quietly, anticipating what was around the corner as the gush of water got louder. 

Visitor exploring the waterfalls
Exploring the falls

The Falls

Our boat ride took us to a cave with water streaming down a 15 feet high cliff pelting limestone that forms an elevated based on a section of the cave. We came off the boat, immersed in a small pool formed in the limestone, and stood under a section of the fall.

Water massaging my body felt like a thousand fingers searching for every tight knot in my upper body and forcefully removing them. The feeling became too intense for me to bare. Less than a minute later, I emerged from the fall, feeling like a new person.

The adventurous folks among us jumped from the elevated platform in the 32 feet deep water and swam behind the boat. I would have joined, but somebody needed to record those moments. Plus, I prefer to maneuver on dry land where I am capable.

I enjoyed every moment of the ten minutes tour; I could spend all day absorbing the ambiance.

Tour of Summerset Falls

To sum up

Summerset Waterfalls in Portland, Jamaica, is a great place to have a good time with friends and family. The backdrop and atmosphere make it an ideal post to host social gatherings or parties. In addition, its freshwater pool and slide are perfect for children who love to have fun.

The boat ride to the hidden fall is a unique experience found nowhere else in Jamaica. It’s beautiful and perfect for those who want to experience a unique piece of the island.

Entry cost is affordable, and the staff is terrific. Food is available on the property, but you can take your own.

Check out the Summerset Falls whenever you get a chance to visit that side of Portland.

Book with this tour group if you visit Jamaica and want to tour Summerset Falls.

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