Turtle River Park In Ocho Rios Jamaica

Turtle River Park is in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. It occupies over three hectares of land in the heart of the tourist town. Opened June 18, 2004, tourists and locals frequent this area. 

Once used as a bus park, the Urban Development Cooperation (UDC), a government entity responsible for some prime attractions on the island, decided to turn it into a public park. Dunn’s River Falls, The Green Grotto Caves, and Pearly Beach are some other attractions in Ocho Rios they operate. 

Family walking in the park

Flower beds, a large pond with fish and turtles, gazebos, a concern pavilion, and a concession selling snacks are some features of the Park. There is also an adjoining parking lot. 

Turtle River Park provides peace and tranquility for those who need a break from life stresses. It’s an ideal space to picnic, walk, take pictures, connect with friends and enjoy nature. 

Parking comes at a small cost, Jm$100 per hour and Jm$ 300 per day. In addition, there is security to ensure everybody is and follows the rules. It is open seven days per week, Monday to Friday, from 7 am-7 pm, and 8 am-9 pm on weekends. 

Section of Turtle River Park

In terms of space, aesthetics, and upkeep, it is comparable to Emancipation Park in Kingston, one of the best parks on the island. 

Entering the Park
Park Entrance
Walk bridge
Stream at Turtle River Park
Law and tall palm trees at the park
Gazebo at Turtle River Park

During one of my trips to Ocho Rios, I spent some there, taking in the atmosphere. 

I attempted to capture this beautiful setting in pictures to share with you so it can be another place to visit while in Ocho Rios.